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Donald R. Mellen

1948 Winter survey,
Loosac Lodge, Bedford, Massachusetts

Donald R. Mellen Surveyor, LLC traces its roots back to the early days of World War II, when the country was building the infrastructure for national defense. Donald R. Mellen, born in Washington, N.H., and raised in Hillsborough, N.H., learned the profession of surveying while constructing airfields for the Army Corps of Engineers in northern Maine.

During the war years Mellen came under the tutelage of Al Miller and Wilbur Nylander, surveyors and engineers from Massachusetts who supervised airfield projects in Houlton and Norridgewock, Maine. After the war, Miller and Nylander opened a surveying and engineering firm in Lexington, Massachusetts where Donald R. Mellen was employed as a crew chief and eventually became a Registered Land Surveyor. During this time Mellen returned home to the Hillsborough area on weekends to do survey work and in 1967 left Miller & Nylander and relocated to Hillsborough to open his own survey business. Mellen was the ninth surveyor registered by the State of New Hampshire when the registration program began in 1970.

In 1984 Peter D. Mellen left a career in journalism and returned to Hillsborough to work with his father as a land surveyor. In 1989 Peter D. Mellen was recognized by the New Hampshire Board of Licensure for Land Surveyors as Surveyor-in-Training No. 317 and in 1991 he was licensed as a land surveyor, License No. 815.

Donald R. Mellen Surveyor, LLC was formed in 2001 as a father and son partnership. In 2004 Donald R. Mellen retired from the company. Today, under second-generation owner Peter D. Mellen, the firm of Donald R. Mellen Surveyor, LLC strives to maintain the high standards of quality and service that have been the hallmark of the company since its inception over forty years ago.




(L-R) Donald R. Mellen, Wilbur C. Nylander and
Norman Marquis during winter survey.
Houlton, Maine - January, 1943

(L-R) Donald R. Mellen, James C. Schoenthaler, Wilbur C. Nylander and Norman Marquis outside U.S. Engineer Office,
Norridgewock, Maine, summer 1943


Donald R. Mellen Surveyor, LLC
22 Center Road
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